Artistic diversity can be an elusive mistress.  Natural diversity, the gift to seamlessly transition from genre to genre, to infuse individual ideas into a prescribed musical mold, is rare, a gift given from the muse of endless Inspiration.  

Regina based, fifteen year music veteran Brodie Moniker (PandaCorn, Brain Sauce, Fancy Diamonds), is a truly musical diverse talent with sophisticated songwriting, artistic arrangements, and progressive-pop presentations.    


Polite, honest and aggressive, Moniker puts his entire being into every song, challenging listeners’ presumed ideas of modern rock, reminiscent of past and present sound masters with Frank Zappa arrangements, Brian Eno production, Nick Drake tone, Jack White blues, Trent Reznor edge and Gordie Johnson style.     


Touring internationally with critically acclaimed artists like Jeff Straker, while producing and engineering breakthrough albums for artists like Megan Nash (Song Harvest Vol 1), Moniker has honed his sound and developed his songwriting, melding his influences into a true sonic mosaic.  Poignant and poppy, expanding and exploratory, Moniker combines modern avant-garde sensibilities with a pop flare, creating brave, listenable music, pushing boundaries while retaining an accessible ear.

While guitar is his true tonal voice, there is an ease in his arrangements for all instruments, every part having its distinct natural voice while seamlessly blending within the entire composition, Percy Grainger layering two versions of “Rufford Park Poachers” one on top of another.  His production is sharp and clever with an impressively diverse tonal palate.    

With songs like “Is”, a blend of ambient sound scape, dirty electronic soundbites, ethereal vocals, angelic harp-inspired instrumentals with soaring saxophone and hand drums, to “Push Play DJ”, a straight ahead, blues rock tune with guitar and bass sounds bigger than the Canadian prairies provinces, Moniker’s debut album is the voice of a true musical savant.  

Presenting beautiful production, diverse instrumentation and creative sound-generation, Moniker’s musical and lyrical lines are subtly placed and wonderfully arranged, layered but never overdone, huge and quiet, fixed and exploring, catchy and cerebral.

More expansive than Saskatchewan’s living skies, this debut solo album promises a true musical journey, a mixed-genre compilation with eased delivery, ambient soundscape, poignant lyricism, huge guitar riffs and catchy melodies.  

Accompanied by Drake Mark (Lords Kitchner) on drums and Steve Leidal (Johnny 2 Fingers) on bass, Moniker is touring Midwestern Canada preparing the roads, Oregon Trail style, for his upcoming debut album tour.    

Prepare for one of the farthest reaching musical journeys to ever come from Saskatchewan!    


photo cred. Jeff Sawatsky

photo cred. Jeff Sawatsky